Hi, I’m Jess – singer, sound healer and all round creatrix.

I am on a mission to help YOU to unleash your full, wild and creative self onto the world through the power of creativity, particularly through the incredible power of your authentic human voice.

Because, guess what?

You are creative!

That’s right!

And what’s more

Your creativity can heal!

I truly believe that creativity is not only an essential part of our make up as humans, but it is also a fundamental birth right. It’s something we’re born with, no matter what you’ve been told by your teachers/parents/kids/spouse. You are a creative human.


Welcome to my blog.

Here I like to write about all things creativity, self expression and creativity-as-spiritual practice: whether you’re writing, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, whipping up meals for your family or just creating a juicy life for yourself.


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Lots of love and thank you for visiting! Jess x