Last night I had the pleasure of being in what one of my choir members called ‘a moment of collective madness’

It was after a really great Chant Choir rehearsal, we’d all decided to go and grab a bite to eat together but found our plans were thwarted when we found the local Indian Street Food Café was closed. It was a freezing night and we decided to take shelter in the bar next door and grab ourselves some hot drinks.

We found a lovely long table where we sat chatting, laughing and joking, waiting for our drinks to arrive. We were on a total high, we’d had a great session.


This music was definitely the kind of music that should be written all in CAPS. It was loud and punky, shouty and aggressive. The complete opposite of what we’d just come from. We couldn’t hear each other speak anymore, but we were kind of stuck there until our drinks cooled down.

Tension crept into our faces and bodies as we resisted what was happening. We’d been having such a lovely time, chatting and getting to know each other outside of the singing venue, now we couldn’t communicate. We jokingly gestured at our mobile phones, perhaps we could text each other. We all looked around awkwardly wondering who would leave first.

Then something changed.

Someone (possibly me?) started tapping on the table. Someone else started knocking a spoon against the side of their glass. Feet started stomping. Hands started clapping. Somehow we all decided that if we couldn’t beat them we were going to join them.

Our table drumming became louder and louder. We started singing and shouting along. There was a brief Russian Cossack moment where we all shouted ‘Hey’ at the end of each bar.

We hit the table so hard I started to wonder if we might get kicked out. We hit the table so hard our drinks fell off. We got TOTALLY into it, leaving our inhibitions behind and becoming a part of the music.

Between songs we jokingly hurled rushed snippets of conversation at each other, knowing that the next song would be upon us soon. After three songs we unanimously shouted ‘Let’s Go’.

We made a choice last night. We could have decided that we hated the music (let’s face it, we kind of did) and grudgingly stayed to finish our drinks, but instead we SAID YES (which is the first rule of improvisation) Instead, we made a memory. We had an experience that made me cry with laughter and has had me giggling to myself all day.

We said YES